Securing Radioactive Materials

Enhanced Security

The enhanced security process is designed to be simple and easy to use.  An interactive Microsoft Excel spreadsheet is used to assess the level of security at a site where radioactive materials are used and/or stored.  The licensee "checks off" the various security measures in use to determine the "security level".  If the security level is less than that recommended, the licensee should then select and add additional security measures, perform a reassessment, and add additional measures, if necessary.  Once the procedure has been performed for the most critical, or highest category, radiation source(s), the findings should be valid for any other radioactive material stored under the same security system.  If other sources are maintained separately, a separate assessment should be performed.

One should review the two (2) IAEA publications to gain an understanding of the overall security concepts being used.

Caution:  a licensee's security system approved by the US Nuclear Commission or Agreemnet State radiation control agency, cannot be modified to something less without approval from the agency with jurisdiction.  However, adding security measures to an existing system should not be a problem.  It is always best to check with the agency prior to making any changes.

The ESP Calc files can be downloaded from the Downloads page.

December 01, 2013